Hannibal 2 oz Silver Coin
Hannibal 2 oz Silver Coin
Hannibal 2 oz Silver Coin
Hannibal 2 oz Silver Coin
Hannibal 2 oz Silver Coin
Hannibal 2 oz Silver Coin
Hannibal 2 oz Silver Coin

Hannibal 2 oz Silver Coin

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Experience Hannibal: The legend who dared to challenge Rome, immortalized in a coin. Dive deep into a design showcasing the monumental Alps crossing with war elephants: history, intricacy, audacity - all in one.

This coin, produced by Spectres, is an authentic issue authorized by the Republic of Chad. Recognized as legal tender within the country, the coin features the following specifications:

  • Country: Republic of Chad
  • Year of Issue: 2024
  • Face Value: 10000 Francs CFA
  • Material: 2 oz .999 Silver
  • Size: 45 mm diameter
  • Quality: Antiqued Ultra High Relief
  • Mintage: 500 pieces


Hannibal – The First Release in the 'Masters of War' Series

The Hannibal 2 oz Silver coin is the first issue in the 'Masters of War' series, encapsulating the historical saga of one of the most ingenious military commanders of antiquity.

Hannibal Barca (247-183 BCE) was a Carthaginian general celebrated for his audacious crossing of the Alps with war elephants during the Second Punic War against Rome. Renowned for his military tactics, he won notable victories like the Battle of Cannae. Often depicted with a lost eye, symbolizing his sacrifices, Hannibal's legacy represents both the pinnacle of Carthaginian resistance against Rome and the epitome of strategic brilliance in warfare.

The coin's reverse offers a dynamic representation of Hannibal, captured in a moment of resolute command as he leads his men and war elephants through the daunting passages of the Alps. The design brings to life the arduous expedition that has become a symbol of strategic tenacity and bold warfare.

The obverse details a series of embattled scenes, chronicling the fierce encounters that Hannibal and his army faced on their legendary march en route to their destination. This reflects the calculated bravery and indomitable will that cemented Hannibal's status as one of the most revered military minds in history.

With this coin, collectors hold not just a piece of silver but a fragment of history, honoring the legacy of Hannibal, who remains a symbol of military genius and determination.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Cody R
Amazing craftsmanship!

The story of Hannibal is captured so beautifully.


Incredible detail. The depiction of the Alps and elephants is just stunning. Well done.

Randy Shelton
A stunning piece of history

The detail on this coin is remarkable. You can really appreciate the craftsmanship that went into the depiction of Hannibal and his elephants. Its like owning a piece of history.

Just breathtaking

This coin took my breath away. The details, the weight, the feel... It's all perfect. A must-have for collectors.

Customer service was helpful

Had an issue with my order, and the customer service was very responsive and sorted it out quickly. The coin itself is a beauty, very pleased!

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fire coin, super detail


Hannibal looks like he’s coming off this 2oz silver coin to take some souls. And who doesn’t like war elephants. Spectres really put together an amazing piece of art and history.

Jason Watson
United States

Absolutely Stunning pieces 🔥🔥🔥 This is what true Fire feels like thank you

Nick Atzingen
United States

Fabulous 2 oz coin!

New Zealand

The Revolver 2 oz Silver Coin might be the Coin of the Decade, Coin of my Lifetime!

United States

Look at this crazy beast, the Kraken 5 oz Silver Coin! Spectres, You're the reason why I'm broke!

Yousef Alyousef

2023 will certainly have some amazing coins, but the Triple Dragons 5 oz Silver Coin is going to be a hard coin to beat!

Scott Holmquist
United States

Alexander the Great 5 oz Silver coin, one of the greatest coins I ever got. The workmanship you guys did it’s phenomenal.

United States

I'm grateful to have your works of art in my collection!

David Henderson
Newcastle, Australia

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