Unleashing the Artistry
in Numismatics

We promise unique, cultural, and artistically rich pieces that bring together the worlds of art and collectibles, making every acquisition a treasured investment.

About Spectres

Established in 2020, Spectres began a unique journey, fusing numismatics with unparalleled artistic vision. Through global partnerships with precious metals dealers, we've crafted over 250 distinct pieces. Each design tells a unique story, and we've reached a diverse community of collectors and art aficionados.

As we evolved, our passion led us to become an Authorized Private Mint and a Regulated Precious Metals Dealer. This pivotal transformation allows us to meticulously manage every aspect of our creations, from the initial design spark to the final minting touch. Moreover, we take great pride in curating the packaging and presentation of our pieces. Our aim is to ensure our artistry is evident not just in the coin but also in the way it's presented. This holistic approach ensures that when a piece of Spectres' art reaches a collector, it's a full experience, down to the smallest detail.

Our unwavering commitment to artistic innovation, coupled with our proven success, positions Spectres at the forefront of the numismatic world. For us, every coin minted is more than a collectible; it's a testament to our dedication, a slice of history, and an art masterpiece. We invite you to join us as we continue to redefine numismatic artistry.

Our Mission

Pioneering Numismatic Excellence

At Spectres, we go beyond crafting coins; we produce treasures where art meets value, imprinting culture to leave a lasting legacy.
Our Vision

Redefining Numismatic Artistry

We aim to redefine collectibles through audacious designs, crafting narratives that merge visual splendor with enduring worth.
Our Commitment

Crafting Masterpieces, Not Just Coins

Spectres elevates numismatics to an art. Our creations stand as both distinguished artworks and enduring cultural symbols, challenging traditional conventions.

Passionate Collectors Love Our Creations


The Revolver 2 oz Silver Coin might be the Coin of the Decade, Coin of my Lifetime!

United States

Look at this crazy beast, the Kraken 5 oz Silver Coin! Spectres, You're the reason why I'm broke!

Yousef Alyousef

2023 will certainly have some amazing coins, but the Triple Dragons 5 oz Silver Coin is going to be a hard coin to beat!

Scott Holmquist
United States

I'm grateful to have your works of art in my collection!

David Henderson
Newcastle, Australia

Alexander the Great 5 oz Silver coin, one of the greatest coins I ever got. The workmanship you guys did it’s phenomenal.

United States

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Designed by Spectres

Every coin listed is an exclusive Spectres masterpiece. As an Authorized Private Mint, we blend authentic design with superior craftsmanship.

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Shop with assurance. Under Singapore's Ministry of Law, we ensure our precious metals dealings meet stringent standards for trust and transparency.