Kiss of Death 2 oz Silver Coin
Kiss of Death 2 oz Silver Coin
Kiss of Death 2 oz Silver Coin
Kiss of Death 2 oz Silver Coin
Kiss of Death 2 oz Silver Coin
Kiss of Death 2 oz Silver Coin
Kiss of Death 2 oz Silver Coin

Kiss of Death 2 oz Silver Coin

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Immerse yourself in the enigmatic allure of the 1920s with Spectres' Kiss of Death 2 oz Silver Coin. This numismatic masterpiece encapsulates the intrigue and drama of the Prohibition era, an epoch where every gesture held a hidden meaning.

This coin, produced by Spectres, is an authentic issue authorized by the Republic of Cameroon. Recognized as legal tender within the country, the coin features the following specifications:

  • Country: Republic of Cameroon
  • Year of Issue: 2024
  • Face Value: 2000 Francs CFA
  • Material: 2 oz .999 Silver
  • Size: 55 x 32.6 mm
  • Quality:  Shaped, Antiqued Ultra High Relief, with Color
  • Mintage: 1920 pieces


Revealing 'Kiss of Death' – Echoes of the Roaring Twenties in Silver.

The 'Kiss of Death' is more than a coin – it's a narrative canvas, rich with layers of symbolism. The name itself is a multifaceted nod to the era: the infamous mafia term signifying a final farewell, the intoxicating cocktail drink symbolic of forbidden pleasures, and the more literal, albeit clandestine, reference to the impact of a knuckle duster.

Crafted with an innovative approach, 'Kiss of Death' is more than a coin – it's a piece of narrative art. The reverse scene captures the essence of the roaring twenties, with Lucky Luciano and his tommy gun at the forefront, surrounded by iconic symbols of the era – from mobster showdowns and bootleggers to flapper girls outside the famed Cotton Club. The colored beer and foam imagery in the holes of the knuckle duster adds a layer of depth, subtly nodding to both the era's infamous cocktail culture and a more clandestine implication. Encircling this vibrant tableau is a meticulously designed Art Deco style frame, further anchoring the coin in the distinctive aesthetic and spirit of the 1920s.

Flip to the obverse, and the scene continues with vivid depictions of protests, vintage cars, and dramatic newspaper headlines, painting a full picture of the era’s complex societal dynamics. This side also features the official effigy of King Charles III, affirming its status as legal tender. The obverse is equally framed in Art Deco style, seamlessly uniting the front and back in a cohesive tribute to the era.

Experience the allure and drama of the 1920s in your collection. The 'Kiss of Death' coin is now available for order. With its limited mintage, each piece is a rare collectible, encapsulating an era of intrigue and resilience.

Secure your piece of this prohibition-era saga and own a snapshot of history, meticulously crafted in fine silver.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
All the details HIT

This ain’t a piece that you just glance at. I swear every time I pick it up I spot something I missed. Great Coin! Good Job! YouTube video placeholder
George L.
Unmatched Detailing

The detailing on this coin is unmatched by any other in its category. Spectacular work by Spectres!

Kyle P.
Excellent Attention to Detail

The attention to detail is evident right from the packaging to the coin's intricate designs. You get what you pay for!

Perfect Addition to My Collection

you have to see it to believe it, with this coin you're paying more than just silver

Quentin A.
Work of Art in My Hands

Holding this coin feels like holding a work of art. So pleased with this purchase!

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fire coin, super detail


Hannibal looks like he’s coming off this 2oz silver coin to take some souls. And who doesn’t like war elephants. Spectres really put together an amazing piece of art and history.

Jason Watson
United States

Absolutely Stunning pieces 🔥🔥🔥 This is what true Fire feels like thank you

Nick Atzingen
United States

Fabulous 2 oz coin!

New Zealand

The Revolver 2 oz Silver Coin might be the Coin of the Decade, Coin of my Lifetime!

United States

Look at this crazy beast, the Kraken 5 oz Silver Coin! Spectres, You're the reason why I'm broke!

Yousef Alyousef

2023 will certainly have some amazing coins, but the Triple Dragons 5 oz Silver Coin is going to be a hard coin to beat!

Scott Holmquist
United States

Alexander the Great 5 oz Silver coin, one of the greatest coins I ever got. The workmanship you guys did it’s phenomenal.

United States

I'm grateful to have your works of art in my collection!

David Henderson
Newcastle, Australia